Sponsoring All Local Golf Tournaments With A Shot Booth

Sponsoring All Local Golf Tournaments With A Shot Booth

We have been playing in golf tournaments around the city for years. We love to sponsor all the local golf tournaments, and we also love playing golf so it made sense. But it seemed the prices of golf tournaments have just gone up in price and was getting a little expensive to be playing in all these golf tournaments when we could be at work.

So we put our heads together and thought… How can we still support all these great causes, and be apart of these golf tournaments and get a community?

We decided to try at 1 tournament to set up a booth, and pass out our information, and see if we can network and gain attraction to our company as well as supporting the cause of the golf tournament that was being put on. But we quickly realized no one was very interested in talking about insurance, wanting a flyer, pen, and some other stuff with our company name on it.

So again, put our heads together to come up with a better idea to make it more fun!

After playing in so many tournaments and realizing a big hit on the golf course is drinking. Alcohol. Those booths are always a hit!

So perfect! Next tournament we set up a booth, brought some high-end bottles of liquor, and passed out free shots, along with a coozie for your can and a bottle opener to go with it (branded with our name on them).

Finally! It was a success! Now, we go to just about every golf tournament there is around our city and set up our booth and it just has been a blast. We love it, the golfers love it. It’s a Win-Win. Take a look at our video of what its like at our shot booth at this golf tournament we just did. This gives you a great idea of what people think about our booth.

If anyone hosting a golf tournament or knows of any that may be interested in having us out we would love to be apart! Please contact us!


or email us at info@jjinsurance.com


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